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Special Events

February 13th Workshop with Ana do Valle (AAP Graduate)

February 13 to 17, 2022 at 11:00 AM MTN

Beginner's Level: SEGAN - The Sensory Mosaic of Healing: A Portal into Transformation

Guest Speaker: Kathleen Thompson

This workshop is designed to educate practitioners working in the trauma spectrum on how to integrate the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) created by Dr. Stephen Porges as a preparatory and/or intervention tool for treating complex trauma, wounds of attachment, addictions, and other emotional and physical conditions related to Autonomic Dysregulation.

We will be discussing applications of the SSP for pediatrics, couples, individuals, and family systems.  The SSP prepares the nervous system to respond to the ‘Essence of Safety’ (Neuroception).  The SSP utilizes algorithms that progressively kindles the natural biological rhythms of homeostasis in the Nervous System.

The SEGAN MODEL further allows the client and therapist to develop a narrative that supports the essence of a felt sense-based intention that integrates the implicit memory, thereby guiding each individual in the co-creation of their own Mosaic of Healing. 

When adopting the SEGAN MODEL (Sensation, Emotion, Gesture in colors, Action, and Narrative), the listening sessions are supported by artistic, creative activities and gestures that encourage expression, embodiment, coherence, and empowerment.

More Information at:  www.SomaHealingCenter.com

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