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Special Events

Dr. James Dyson - March 26th Webinar

“Meeting Christ in the Etheric in Response to the Challenges of our Times”

A Webinar with James Dyson, MD on Sunday, 03/26/23 at 3:00 PM EST

Register here: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_50ydZTNESK2ncGsyqJSFGw

Join us for our last webinar of the "Shining a Light into the Darkness" series.

Human consciousness has slowly come from the cosmos to the earth via the ethers & the elements which have mediated the Logos into the earth to create the human being as an image of the Divine. That creative process, working from Logos into the human body, came to its culmination around the time of the Mystery of Golgotha. Before that, human initiation had to be a journey backward to reconnect to the elements and their etheric connections that bridged to the Spirit. All earlier initiation was to bring the earthly ego from the 4fold nature of the elements, and awakening the ego into the etheric world and the spirits beyond.

This process became ever more difficult as time proceeded. This separation (as expressed in “The stars once spoke to man…”) through the ethers and elements, by the time of Golgotha had grown silent and led to the widespread desecration of soul which Jesus of Nazareth had to encounter.

Humanity, as it has crossed into 21st century, is now walking the path that Jesus of Nazareth walked in his 20s when he was meeting the deserted altars. We are meeting the destitution of the soul, the denial of the Logos, meaninglessness: the power of the Logos no longer reflected in the environment around us.

How do human beings find their way to speaking the Logos back to the stars? Christ’s penetration of the body of the earth, bringing His being now closer to humans in the etheric realm, can manifest in many ways but, archetypally, in the meeting of one human being with another. We meet the etheric world through the human encounter - where ‘conversation is more precious than the light, and the light is more precious than gold.’ Through human encounter, human communication, we can meet Christ’s etheric body. Through human connection we regain connection to the Logos.

AAP Graduate Ana do Valle - SEGAN Beginner's Level

Beginner's Level: SEGAN The Sensory Mosaic of Healing®: A Portal into Transformation


DATES: April 16 to 20, 2023
This Online Webinar will be recorded for those who cannot attend live via Zoom.

11:00 AM – 2:00 PM MTN Time


Investment: $500 – USD


To Register, go to: https://somahealingcenter.com/event/beginners-segan-04162023-04202023/


This workshop is designed to educate practitioners working in the trauma spectrum on integrating the SEGAN Model to support the organization of the Self. We will combine the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) created by Dr. Stephen Porges within the SEGAN. We will address complex trauma, attachment wounds, addictions, and other emotional and physical conditions related to Autonomic Dysregulation.


We will be discussing applications of the SSP for pediatrics, couples, individuals, and family systems. The SSP prepares the nervous system to respond to the ‘Essence of Safety’ (Neuroception). The SSP utilizes algorithms that progressively kindles the natural biological rhythms of homeostasis in the Nervous System.


The SEGAN MODEL further allows the client and therapist to develop a narrative that supports the essence of a felt sense-based intention that integrates the implicit memory, thereby guiding each individual in the co-creation of their own Mosaic of Healing.

When adopting the SEGAN MODEL (Sensation, Emotion, Gesture in colors, Action, and Narrative), the listening sessions are supported by artistic, creative activities and gestures that encourage expression, embodiment, coherence, and empowerment.


This model enlivens our awareness and understanding of life patterns. It correlates each hour of the SSP to a deeper relationship and organization of our conscious mind, or “I.” It supports the somatic “bottom-up” approach of creating the opportunity for subtle shifts in arousal, inviting imagination, inspiration and intuition, to strengthen our capacity to become present with ourselves and each other.


This process is a Healing Algorithm that accesses your creativity. By embodying the “Twelve Human Senses,” you will mobilize your personal and collective healing elements.


The SEGAN applies the principles of “Salutogenesis” by fostering coherence and promoting orientation towards empowerment and the awakening of one’s “Healing Pathway.”


We will be exploring the somatic, emotional, and creative elements of a journey that encompasses a trajectory that is similar to the crossing of a portal, the “Eye of the Needle.” By establishing an intention and allowing its natural unfolding (effortless), the client begins shifting.


Thus, the listening days are portrayed as an intentional and “Sacred Journey.”


You may implement this potent model in various settings, including therapy offices, schools, hospitals, residential facilities, outdoors, home, trauma centers, and community centers.


As a participant in this webinar, you will be able to create your own “Sensory Mosaic of Healing” and experience your life narrative in a new inspirational and transformational way. You will have the opportunity to compose your personal journey in a “fabric of poetry and art.” No previous experience with expressive arts is required in order for you to attend this webinar.



  • Name and describe the SEGAN Model as it applies to the five listening hours of the Safe and Sound Protocol.
  • Experience and learn how to develop your own Mandala by documenting and tracking the process with the “Felt Sense,” instead of using a verbal narrative.
  • Participate and learn how to facilitate the “Color Gesture,” the algorithm of healing that defragments and supports the narrative of Self.
  • Learn the movements that sustain the embodiment of each of the listening hours of the SSP – Eurythmy.
Name and learn the Twelve Senses as it relates to your clients’ healing pathway.


Eurythm4youFor Registration, please use AAP's Affiliate Code:  https://smpl.ro/al/ttQKGR3x1ca7SohHn4t4GdLg/43205-Association-for-Anthroposophic

AAP Graduate Ana do Valle - SEGAN Cafe



3rd Tuesdays of the Month Online (April 18)
6:00 pm to 7:30 pm Mountain Time

USD $35 for each meeting


To Register, go to: https://somahealingcenter.com/events/

I invite you to join me in gathering every third Tuesday of the month, where we will be featuring the wonders of the Polyvagal Theory, Somatic Experiencing and Safe and Sound Protocol/SEGAN applications! Discovering the Neuroception of Safety by supporting Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition! In addition, we will discuss the nuances of the Sensory Mosaic of Healing®, A Portal into Transformation (SEGAN).


Bring your cup of tea or chai … this is a peer-focused model with presentations, supervisions, studies on the theories, and discussion on how to embrace and apply these theories that promote Autonomic Regulation.


Ana will be the facilitator of each meeting. There will also be options for others to share their knowledge with the group.


Anyone needing Somatic Experiencing group credits will be considered for select meetings only.

IFAPA Train the Trainers Conference (June 2023)

The deadline for registration is April 25, 2023.  If you have any questions or wish to register, please email Zheni Nasi at:  zheni@netsolutionstime.com

Fire in the Temple 7 Performances Sept 15-24

A full-scale–production tour of

Fire in theTemple

with a cast of twelve actors and eurythmists
is scheduled to premiere in September, 2023. 

Please help us make this happen
by sending a check to the address below.

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Whether you give $20,000, $2,000, $200 or $20, your goodwill is essential in touching audiences’ hearts with this production. 

*Another meaningful way to participate is by joining Debra and Russell Agee in the $1000 Club.  According to Debra,"We are not able to fund the whole production, (as much as we might want to,) but we thought there might be others for whom $1000 is the sweet spot- a substantial contribution, yet it won't break the bank! We have 11 new members., and would like to have another two dozen. If you can, please consider joining us...soon!"

Click Fire in the Temple to learn more.

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Please mail donation checks, payable to “Lemniscate Arts Inc,” to

Fire in the Temple,
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Lemniscate Arts Inc, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation founded to support the performing arts that arise from the work of Rudolf Steiner, is acting as the fiscal agent for Fire in the Temple production.

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