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Personal Development

For individuals who are seeking personal development experiences:
  • To discover and overcome the  ways that we sabotage ourselves; 
  • In self-care including stress management skills;
  • That foster healthy relationships;
  • That facilitate compassionate communication; 
  • That include artistic activities intended for the non-artist; 
  • That investigate spiritual realties; 
  • To integrate the fullness of who we are. 

Most trainings in psychology including self-help manuals seldom come close to adequately recognizing and exploring the fundamental role that soul and spirit perform in our processes of learning and changing.  For example, these resources are usually unaware that the psyche or soul mediates between the body and spiritual realties. Ignorance of this psycho-spiritual principle is the cause of countless difficulties.  

Relationship is the foundation for human development.  The AAP Anthroposophic Psychology seminars emphasize the importance of relationships with ourselves, with others, with nature, and with spiritual realities. Contemporary psychology also emphasizes relationships. From Attachment theory we learn that the quality of relationship between the primary caregiver(s) and the infant is critical, affecting all subsequent bonds. Anthroposophic Psychology  clarifies the relation between the initial caregiver-infant bond and development of body, soul, and spirit. Unique to Anthroposophic Psychology is that it places relationship within a time dimension extending before and beyond the current life. The seminars expand outside human relationality exploring bonds between spiritual beings and human beings. Questions about angels, for instance, are taken up in the seminars. 

Our Three-year Certificate Course covers many topics of mainstream psychology, approaching pathology from salutogenesis, that is, what is healthy in the human being, how we stray from it, and how a therapeutic relationship can assist others to find again their way. The curriculum covers many aspects of the human experience that one must know in order to meet another human being with increased insight and compassion. 

International: Become a part of an international network. There are now trainings in this approach in six different countries, and international conferences in different countries. You will have colleagues in this approach that can greet you in many places in the world.

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