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Prepare yourself to be challenged, enriched, and changed.
NOT your “one-off, briefly inspirational and soon-to-be forgotten workshop,”
AAP’s 3-Year Certificate Program leads you into new territory: challenging your current paradigm, nourishing your soul and stimulating your spirit awareness.


Receive the benefits of:

  • A diverse community of professional colleagues, bringing knowledge & wisdom to share with one another on a 3-year journey of discovery
  • Sufficient time to ponder, digest, wrestle with, and integrate the rich content and experiences presented in each of the 9 seminars (3x/year over 3 years)
  • Unparalleled faculty interaction and support
  • “Between Queries” content and webinar meetings for cohort participants to consider in between the seminars
  • The possibility of deep relationality developing between cohort members in the mutual quest for greater understanding of what it means to be fully human
  • The probability of increased self-knowledge and self-compassion
  • Numerous new interpersonal and professional skills to bring to one’s clients, to loved ones, and to the world at large

[This piece was written by a graduate of the 3-year program.]

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