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Minnesota 3-Year Certificate Program Seminar #1

  • 11 Apr 2018
  • 2:30 PM (CDT)
  • 15 Apr 2018
  • 1:00 PM (CDT)
  • Camphill Village Minnesota, Sauk Centre, MN


  • $300 deposit will reserve your place in this 3-Year Certificate Program.


Attention AAP Graduates planning to attend the upcoming 3 Year Certificate Programs in Pennsylvania and/or Minnesota, please email:  Admin@AnthroposophicPsychology.org to register.

Application Process:

Upon registration, you will be guided through the registration process.  Please answer all questions thoroughly.  Your application will be reviewed by Faculty before acceptance.


Seminar #1: The Place of Anthroposophic "Re-membering Psychology through Relational Anthropos-Sophia"
Placing anthroposophy within the historical development of psychotherapeutic perspectives; from Freud to the DSM and beyond; challenges to soul and spirit in the context of contemporary culture and psychology, and how to respond; satisfying the demand for "evidence-based" research; soul-development dynamics; Pathos and Spiritus; seven adult learning processes as framework for the entire course; the Counselor's Mandate; ontological security as key to the development of the "I"; the myth of Old Saturn and the Thrones: the soul at the threshold as the crisis of our times; who is Sophia?; who is Anthropos?   

Residential and meals options: We will have more information later.

Fee: $625 for whole seminar; $670 if you are using the CEs that we plan to make available.  
Deposit: You can reserve your place with a $300 deposit for #1. 

Payment Plans are offered via a Tuition Agreement which will be entered into between the approved participant and AAP.

  • Each seminar begins at 2:30 PM on a Wednesday, and finishes at 1:00 PM on a Sunday.
  • If there is a conflict for some with the IPMT training, you can attend the other location for that seminar content.
  • The first seminar stands on its own, as a sampler. You can join on the second seminar, after which the series is closed to new entrants. At the second seminar, payment is required for both #2 and #9, which helps us in our planning and staffing.

Curriculum: You can preview the curriculum here.
More information about lodgings will be available in a few months; we highly encourage people to stay at the Christine Center for a deeper experience.

Counselors AdVenture (CAV) puts on these events on behalf of AAP.
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