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Poems & Color Gestures from 2018-2021 Graduates


“Thank you very much for the great presentations and thank you for sharing your deep knowledge. It has been a life experience for me. I wish you all the best and hope to see you again.”
Ute Weitbrecht (from Brazil), Participant of the Shakespeare's Macbeth Series

"Thank you so much for a very valuable experience.  I am sure that impact of this seminar will continue to unfold for all of us."
Cheryl M, Participant of the Shakespeare's Macbeth Series

“Thank you! This has been an amazing journey and so deeply relevant to today's situations within our families, communities, countries and the world.”
Tonya Stoddard, LCSW, Participant of the Shakespeare's Macbeth Series.

“I want to express my deep gratitude for the individual efforts and profound wisdom shared through this workshop by the presenters, and the joining together from many corners all of those who participated. It has been a gift I will be carrying with me into the future and my own struggle with my double. Heartfelt and ongoing thanks!”
Natalie Cargill, LMFT, Participant of the Shakespeare's Macbeth Series

From Licensed Mental Health Professionals

I highly recommend the AAP Certificate Program! I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker that has been practicing in therapeutic environments for close to 20 years and I have never experienced the level of personal growth, inspired insight, and the depth of love of the human being in a clinical environment that I have with this group of professors and my cohort. The faculty brought profound insights into the works of Rudolf Steiner, Roberto Assagioli (psychosynthesis), and others (attachment theory, Jungian psychology, etc.) regarding the body, soul and spirit as well as their own unique insights and work in the psychological therapeutic realm. I have been shown and discovered new ways of approaching addiction, trauma, incarnation, life choices, karma, illnesses, evolution and many other areas that help me approach my clients in a more purely healing and transformational way. Throughout the course we've used art, music, movement, singing and theater arts to embody the concepts and as tools for healing. This program has made me a better social worker, a better therapist and a better person that can truly serve from my heart. I would highly recommend this course to any social worker that is taking up the task of finding ways of challenging systems and bringing love and equanimity to their clients.

Tonya Stoddard, LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker)

"This program provides an excellent pathway for a multifaceted personal and professional growth. At last, we have a counseling approach that truly honors the true nature of a human being-a psychology of body, soul, and spirit. The unexpected self-discoveries were at times quite challenging but incredibly transformational. It was altogether a stimulating and enlivening experience."
M. Angela De Los Reyes, MS, BSN; Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Registered Nurse, Certified EMDR Practitioner

This course will help you deepen your clinical work by exposing you to the encompassing world view inaugurated by Rudolf Steiner called anthroposophy. Anthroposophic psychology understands the human being as an interweaving of body, soul, and spirit, and acknowledges that each of these aspects is in a process of evolution. With the help of ideas from anthroposophic medicine, you will learn how the body is intimately connected to the soul and spirit, including planetary influences in organology and life processes, and their subsequent involvement in psychological disturbance. You will understand the human biography as a gradual and nuanced process of incarnation and excarnation. You will learn to recognize the interplay of thinking, feeling, and willing in human experience and their role in personality. You will explore the ideas of karma and reincarnation and consider how these influence meaning-making and the greater context of therapy itself. You will explore many aspects of the human shadow. You will experience this knowledge in a way that is both embodied and inspired, such that your manner of being with clients will become more authentic, heartfelt, and freeing to the client. Your connection to spirit will both deepen and expand, bringing grace to you and your work. Welcome! Join us on this journey!

Susan Overhauser, PhD, Child and Clinical Psychologist, EMDR Practitioner, Emotionally Focused Couple's Therapist 

From Professionals in Other Disciplines

The AAP program is flat-out fabulous: a multi-layered, multi-dimensional bountiful feast for personal growth and development, and for developing skills and perspectives that enhance client support. The richness of the content and the presentations by the highly skilled faculty members are superlative, far surpassing any other trainings or workshops that I have attended. At first, nine sessions over three years seemed a daunting commitment of time and resources, yet the rewards have been astronomical in proportion. My coaching and counseling skills have increased exponentially as I have brought the tools, wisdom and understanding of the human being from anthroposophic psychology into my practice. As well, I know am a healthier person - body, soul, and spirit - for having participated, whole-heartedly, in this program.

Christine Huston, BSEd, Life Coach and Counselor

This is not about sitting in a classroom, listening to a lecture, and regurgitating the information in some form. This course is interactive, experiential, and enlivening to the human spirit. The material is challenging, the rewards beyond words. As an addiction counselor, I am able to not only offer my clients support and education but something far more meaningful on a soul level. How can I learn the greater meaning behind my addiction? How can I begin to know myself in recovery, in this next phase of my life? AAP has allowed me to build a foundation with which I may work with a client in a way that, in my experience, has never been done.

Stacey Johnson, Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor, Certified Waldorf Grades Teacher

I would highly recommend the Anthroposophical Psychology course to anyone who is seeking a deeper insight into the human being and an understanding of where humanity stands at this current time regarding our soul/spiritual development. It is truly a life changing experience that is applicable to any profession or life pursuit.

Karen Guitman, Trained eurythmist and student in Master's program in counseling psychology

For career coaches, small business coaches, Waldorf teachers, and Simplicity Parenting counselors: If you want to experience a guided path of initiation, this program may be for you. The AAP course will assist you to find and follow your destiny and your purpose in life. Questions such as Who am I? and What is my work? and How can I make a difference in the world? can be carried throughout your three-year journey of learning. The faculty will guide you in inner development and a deeper understanding of becoming truly human.

Career coaches: Learn how to guide clients through their stages of transition into meaningful work.

Small business coaches: Help clients bring social three-folding to reality through their entrepreneurship to carry successful business initiatives.

Simplicity Parenting counselors: Strengthen your observational skills, using all twelve senses to guide parents into ensouled parenting, understanding the importance of fostering resilience in our children.

Waldorf teachers: Take the next step in your vocational calling to make the transition into adult learning. Or, if working with children remains your choice, deepen your commitment to your inner work in a profound way.

Kathleen Thompson, BSc, MHA, Candidate: PhD Philosophy; Certified Waldorf Teacher, Small Business Coach, Simplicity Parenting Counselor, Career Development Practitioner

From those Commenting on Personal Development

The AAP course is outstanding. I am deeply grateful for the level of depth, intimacy, spontaneity and professionalism embodied by the faculty. AAP is helping me integrate at a deep level two realms of lifelong interest and engagement--anthroposophy and modern psychology--and in doing so, helping me harmonize my own soul and spirit.

Robert Karp, M.Ed. (Educational Leadership), Co-Director, Biodynamic Association

The AAP program has brilliantly set about to meaningfully enhance the concepts and practices currently guiding today's fields of psychology, counseling, and life coaching. Bringing spiritual truths to illuminate these traditional disciplines expands the efficacy of their efforts to heal. Additionally, this program is designed to serve the needs and interests of those seeking personal growth with a spiritual illumination. These views from a larger spiritual perspective fill in the blanks in current wisdom from a cosmic perspective, uniting the laws of the universe with the human experience. Here we find guidance for our spiritual nature during this journey of soul in physical form.

Cara Graver, Life coach, NVC trainer, health coach

This course is phenomenal, both figuratively and literally. I believe it meets a vital need in our time. That is, to bring together in a true and experience-based program the reality of body, soul, and spirit. As a participant you can anticipate a full and enlivened understanding of the complexity of being human ... and the tools with which to restore and add capacities ... to know oneself and be in the world in relationship. This is a cutting edge, sensible approach delivered by faculty with years of clinical experience, research, teaching, and writing. You can expect to have doors opened within you that are life enhancing. I recommend it!

Pamela M. Engler, Consultant

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