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The AAP Psychology Training

3-Year Certificate Program: a Foundation in Anthroposophic Psychology

The core of our teaching: a comprehensive psychology recognizing body, soul, and spirit comes in nine seminars (3 seminars per year for 3 years).

New 3-Year Certificate Program starting April 6, 2022.  Click here to learn more and see the schedule.  Registration Instructions for Seminar 1 can be found HERE.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN - Details and/or format are subject to change depending upon pandemic restrictions.

Please complete the Application and email it to:  Admin@AnthroposophicPsychology.org

Click on the link to download/open the application:  AAP 3 Year Certification Program 2022-2024 Application.docm

Additional on-line sessions with Faculty members between each seminar are available to Cohort participants and Interns!

On-line learning: In between the seminars, we will host live internet conference calls (Zoom or something similar) wherein materials will be reviewed, questions of clarification can be asked, and some new materials presented. We prefer face-to-face real-time meetings with participants. However, the internet format can be very useful for concept-building, for putting questions to faculty from the last seminar, and for hearing from others about their areas of expertise. Each call is expected to include 20 minutes of presentation by a faculty member, then 20 minutes of discussion (and, of course, these parameters can vary). On-line learning can be helpful, and we will train you in how to work with the distortions and deceptions of this medium, in order to achieve maximum benefit.

Each seminar includes:

  • Anthroposophic psychology concepts and practice
  • NBCC-level blocks for those seeking CEs
  • Self-care and self-development
  • Art and Movement, including eurythmy


Each of the nine carefully designed seminars includes a balance of experiential exercises, lectures, artistic response, movement, individual contemplation and the richness of human relationship.

Upcoming Online Series

Watch this space for any upcoming online programs.


We offer lectures on anthroposophic psychology, sometimes basics (“what is soul?”) and sometimes applications (such as eating disorders as seen from an anthroposophic perspective). Click here to learn more.

Other Events:

We sponsor or appear at special and unusual events that feature anthroposophic psychology.

Find out more by checking out our Special Events page.

AAP Policies and Procedures

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