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Psychotherapy Program

Psychotherapy Program will provide an integral approach to mental health assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, and prognosis by incorporating anthroposophic psychology epistemology and methodology. Successful completion of the psychotherapy program will lead to a national certification as an anthroposophic psychotherapist. 

Pre-requisite for this program is graduation from AAP’s Three Year Certificate Program: a Foundation in Anthroposophic Psychology or equivalent from an Anthroposophic Psychotherapy training recognized by IFAPA (International Federation of Anthroposophic Psychotherapy Associations).

Course Curriculum

The Psychotherapy Program is still "under construction" and the Psychotherapy Committee is still working on the content.

Further details are forthcoming.

Details and/or format are subject to change depending upon pandemic restrictions

Personality and Personality Disorders (PPD)

The PPD program is a component of the Psychotherapy Program, but it can also be taken as a separate course of study without enrolling in the full Psychotherapy Program.  

For more information and to register for the PPD Program, please visit:
Personality and Personality Disorders March 2022 Information Page

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